Non standard or high risk auto insurance not just for troubled drivers.

Many people think that a non standard or high risk auto insurance policy is for less desirable drivers.

All across the country from New Jersey to California more and more people have a few violations that raise car insurance rates by a few hundred or a few thousand dollars when they are insured by regular market companies.

The truth is Property and Casualty Insurance Companies are making profit so fast that they just price you right out of wanting to pay to stay with them.  Even if the industry can afford over $4 Billion in advertising to tell everyone how cheap they are and that everyone should switch, switch and switch again, where does this leave a driver with a DUI/DWI, a few accidents or moving violations?

It leaves them having to seek what is called a non-standard or assigned risk policy that are sometimes mandated by the state government.  It does not mean that they are bad people, it just means that they have had a run of bad luck and need coverage until the other companies want them back again.

Get help from New Jersey licensed companies that understand when you have a few points, a DUI or accidents.