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Get a High Risk truck insurance quote 888-443-7623 and insure big rig vehicles to protect yourself even if you are considered a high risk. Our producers have a direct appointment with HighRiskTruckInsurance.Com.
Commercial truck insurance is one of the things that many companies are not willing to write any more. We insure high risk trucks everyday.

Talk to a nonstandard or high risk truck insurance specialist to get the best coverage for tractor trailers, contractors and private passenger type vehicles that are registered commercially

We are willing to try and find insurance for any company even if you’ve had claims, problems with past or present drivers, a spotted insurance coverage history, strange types of cargo hauled, or any other problem that has caused a high risk rate that you may be given by commercial truck insurance companies.

We insure big rig trucking, box trucks and more who have trouble finding insurance (888) 443-7623.

Trucking Auto Liability Insurance Coverage (AL)

This is usually the most costly portion of any trucking company’s insurance package and protects you from damage or injuries to other people as a result of a truck accident. This coverage is mandated by state and federal agencies and you are required to submit the appropriate form as proof coverage is active.

General Liability Insurance (CGL)

As the name implies, this coverage is very general and broad. Some of the more customary types of risk this coverage is intended for include: protection for injuries or property damage sustained while on your premises, using your products or services, or because of a breach of contract.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance (MTC)

The transporter of of the load assumes responsibility for all cargo they have in their car, custody and control. The amount of that responsibility should be clearly established and understood by both the shipping company and the load transporter before the shipment is moved at all. This is usually done by contract, by bill of lading disclosure, or by published tariffs.

Get a commercial truck insurance quote started by calling (888) 443-7623.

Trucking For Hire: ✔

—Car Carriers ✔

Fuel Oil Haulers*

—Gasoline, Diesel & Airplane Fuel Haulers*

—Ag Haulers (including

livestock) ✔

—LPG, Butane & Propane Haulers— Bulk or Bottled**

• Dumping Operations ✔

• Contractors ✔

• Tow Trucks
(repo not online) ✔

• Caterers ✔

• Cement Mixers ✔

• Concrete Pumper

Trucks ✔

• Couriers

• Custom Harvesters

• Farm to Market

Trucking ✔

• Farmers ✔

• Food Delivery ✔

• Grain Haulers ✔

• House Movers ✔

• Lawn & Tree Service ✔

• Logging ✔

• Mobile Concessions ✔

• Mobile Equipment ✔

• Mobile Home Toters ✔

• Moving Operations

(no ICC filings) ✔

• Pulpwood Haulers ✔

• Salvage Haulers ✔

• Specialized Delivery

• Snow Plows ✔

• Truckers Contingent

Liability (Bobtail or

Deadhead) ✔

• Waste Oil Haulers**

• Wholesalers &

Manufacturers ✔

Limousines (All Types) ✔

• Non-Emergency Medical

Transportation ✔

• Charter Buses ✔

• 4 Wheel Drive Tours

• Airport Shuttles ✔

• Airport Transportation

Service Autos ✔

• Athlete Buses

• Bingo/Casino Transportation

• Church and Scout Buses

(incl. Drum & Bugle Corps) ✔

• Courtesy Autos (including

hotel courtesy autos) ✔

• Custom Harvesting

Employee Transport

• Day Care Center Autos ✔

• Dial-A-Ride

• Group Homes ✔

• Head Start Program Autos ✔

• Kiddie Transports ✔

• Medical Courtesy Autos ✔

• Metropolitan Buses

• Musician Buses

• Prisoner Transport

• Railroad Employee


• School Buses (Private or

Public Owned) ✔

• Senior Citizen Center Autos ✔

• Sightseeing Buses

• Social Service Agencies ✔

• Taxis

• Trolley Buses ✔

• Visiting Nurses

• Wilderness Expeditions

• All Other Public Autos

• Bookmobiles,

Bloodmobiles, etc.

• Driver Training Auto

• Emergency Ambulances

• Escort Vehicles for Oversized

Trucking ✔

• Fire Department Vehicles

• Funeral Escort Vehicles ✔

• Funeral Director Vehicles ✔

• Funeral Hearses ✔

• Law Enforcement Vehicles

Big Rig Truck Insurance for Non High Risk

High Risk truck and bus insurance for nonstandard companies. Business owners get immediate assistance (888) 443-7623.
Commercial truck or bus insurance. If your company has a hard time finding insurance.

Non High Risk NJ Truck Insurance.


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