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County Of Salem

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Salem County

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.:Salem County New Jersey

Salem County lies in the southwest corner of our great state of New Jersey. It is bounded by the Delaware River and Bay to the west and the Maurice River to the east. Oldmans Creek creates nearly half of Salem County’s northern border, while Stow Creek runs along a portion of its southern divide. Salem County’s natural features include six rivers, more than 34,000 acres of unique meadow and marshland, tidal and freshwater wetlands, 40 lakes and ponds, bay beaches, dunes, expansive woodlands, a critical underground aquifer, numerous streams and important headwaters. Salem County covers 338 square miles- with nearly half of the land actively farmed. It also boasts a population of less than 65,000- the lowest population and the lowest density per square mile in New Jersey.


Authorities, Committees & Commissions

Advisory Council Office on Aging
856-935-7510 X8446

Construction Board of Appeals
856-935-7510 X8549

South Jersey Metropolitan Planning Organization
856-794-1941 Fax 856-794-2549

Advisory Council Office of Disabled
856-935-7510 X8316

Cultural and Heritage Commission
856-935-7510 X8581

Special Committee on Economic Development
856-856-935-7510 x8532 Fax 856-935-8596

Advisory Solid Waste Council
856-935-7900 Fax 856-935-7331

Human Relations Advisory Board

Special Services School District
856-769-5181 Fax 856-769-5187

Agriculture Development Board
856-769-3708 Fax 856-769-3391

Improvement Authority

Transportation Advisory Council for Casino Revenues
339-8622/358-3857 Fax 856-339-9546

Board of Agriculture

Library Commission
856-769-1082 Fax 769-2018

Utilities Authority
856-935-7900 Fax 856-935-7331

Board of Social Services
856-299-7200 Fax 856-299-3245

Right-of-Way Commission
856-339-8604 Fax 856-935-7913

Inter-Agency Council

Citizens Advisory Committee on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse
856-935-7510 X8460

Salem Community College
856-299-2100 Fax 856-351-2634

Youth Services Commission

Commission on Women

Salem County Vocational Technical Schools
856-769-0101 Fax 856-769-3602